did you even know...?

~ doucette has been made exclusively in new york city's garment district since 2005. ~

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swing concept store in cold spring ny supports the doucette mission

~ we believe in building wardrobes with thoughtful, longevity pieces. we consider where an item comes from and where it's going- and that's the swing. ~

our mission

respecting mamma earth

~ we are committed to keeping our stiletto-print as light as it can be. that's why we rescue* forgotten & vintage fabrics & trimmings. ~

i mean really!

and petite doucette was born...

~...in 2013. and inspired by the designer's party of three. these fit models sign off on every petite doucette style & fabric. ~

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did you even know...?

~ petite doucette is a nod to it's mother line, doucette, exclusively utilizing existing goods & made in ny. ~

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